TE9000 Series

Medium power UHF TV Transmitters 

LDMOS-50 volt. power amplifiers, analog and digital modulations

The medium power transmitters of TE9000 series incorporate power amplifiers based on LDMOS-50 volt. transistors technology characterized by high power density, allowing very high efficiency. They provide excellent values on key parameters of the transmitted signal quality, such as shoulder attenuation and MER.

They integrate a modulator that covers the main analog and digital TV systems, equipped with the latest technology in signal processing allowing the digital TV signal broadcasting with the highest quality and reliability. Its compact and modular design and its high energy performance facilitate the installation and maintenance, reducing the cost over the life of the transmitter for the broadcast operator.

They can operate in MFN and SFN digital networks and incorporate the most innovative technologies, offering an unbeatable cost (CAPEX / OPEX) – performance ratio.

Key features
Technical Data