MTD5000 Series

Low power UHF TV Microtransmitters

Extremely compact design in a single module, DVB-T/-H

The new MTD5000 micro-transmitters series incorporates a DVB-T/-H COFDM modulator which is able to operate in both MFN and SFN networks. It integrates linear and non linear precorrection and provides an output power from 0.3 to 12W, depending on version. Each channel is composed of only one module and up to seven channels (MTD5010 / MTD5050) can be delivered in a standard 19”-6U height frame.

The system is fully agile since it has stored precorrection curves and all parameter (even digital precorrection) can be programmed through the keypad/front display. An integrated control unit demodulates and measures the BER in all transmitted channels. It also provides remote control via dry contacts, modem GSM/GPRS, SNMP or Web Server.

Key features
Technical Data