Micro MRD5000 Series

MRD5000 Series

Low power UHF TV Microtransposers

Extremely compact design in a single module, DVB-T/H/T2, ISDB-T/TB, ATSC

The micro-transposers / gap-fillers of MRD5000 series allow for a simple and affordable extension of coverage in MFN/SFN networks. Each channel is composed of one module only and up to seven channels can be delivered within a standard 19″ 6U height frame. The reception/transmission channels are fully programmable in a very easy and fast way. Its high selectivity allows to work without problems in presence of adjacent channels.

Besides, it optionally incorporates a digital processing echo-canceller that effectively decreases the bandpass ripple resulting from an inadequate isolation between transmission and reception antenna systems. The control unit demodulates and measures the BER in all transmitted channels and also provides through the programmer a comprehensive management of the complete system, as well as remote control and supervision via free potential contacts, GSM modem, SNMP or Web Server (opt.).

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