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TUWH4000 series

Wideband - High Efficiency UHF TV Transmitters - PAL, NTSC, DVB-T/-H/-T2, ISDB-T/TB, ATSC

The TUWH4000 series provides maximum versatility and flexibility. Customers can choose from a multitude of different configurations to get the one that best suits their needs.

As an option, the transmitters can incorporate one of the most advanced control units on the market, the CCU9000 Egatel control unit. It is able to manage systems of N+1 transmitters or dual drive configurations.

The CCU9000 control unit has a high resolution TFT color screen which displays in a visual way, combining graphics and numerical values, all settings and status of the transmitter. In this way it is very easy to make a quick diagnosis during maintenance or performance tests. It also allows external communications, thus one or more authorized users from anywhere in the world, can monitor the transmitter remotely through an SNMP agent or a Web browser.

Multitransmitter Configuration

A single rack of 42U can accomodate up to five trasnmitters or a 4+1 redundant system. The 650W transmitters can be ordered without a rack for being installed in any existing in the transmitter site. Moreover, all the additional elements such as the combiner, harmonic filter, dummy loads or lightning protection are integrated inside the rack.

The high capacity of integration considerably relaxes the space requirements for installation. This is a key factor in those locations suffering a lack of space. Considering the cost per square meter, saving space also means saving money.

N+1 Dual Drive Configuration

The CCU9000 control unit can manage up to 8 transmitters plus one reserve. It permanently monitors the status of each transmitter and performs the switching to the reserve in case of failure in any of the main transmitters.


N+1 Configuration

The TUWH4000 transmitters can be configured in dual-drive systems. In that case the CCU9000 control unit is responsible for monitoring the status of each exciter and their input signals, carrying out a switch over between them and so between the RF input signals of each amplifier modules as needed.


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