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History of Company

  • 1992 Foundation of Egatel. Beginning of its activities in domestic sectors of satellite reception and first steps in professional industry developing analog transposers.
  • 1994 Establishment of the company in the Technological Park of Galicia.
  • 1995 First certification for professional broadcasting equipment by Abertis Telecom, spanish main broadcast operator.
  • 1999 Inaguration of the current headquarters in the Technological Park of Galicia. Beginning of activities in the world of Digital TV in a prominent way as the main provider in Spain of AbertisTelecom.
  • 2002 90% achivement of the total supplies for the 5 national multiplex in Spain (Quiero TV project), with nearly 750 medium and high power digital transmitters.
  • 2004 First successes in the international market supplying 10KW analog transmitters.
  • 2005 OEM agreement with Rohde & Schwarz for the supply of multistandard Gapfillers.
  • 2010 With the Spanish analogue switch off, the company has supplied during 2 years, for the 5 national multiplex and regional multiplex, more than 800 medium power digital transmitters and more than 3000 low power digital microtransmitters and microtransposers.
  • 2012 Egatel supply a 14KWrms Digital TV transmitter to the Mexican Market, for the Autonomous University of Nuevo León in Monterrey, it is the Digital TV transmitter with the highest power operating in the country.
  • 2013 National DTT network deployment in Morocco. (SNRT- Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision).
  • 2015 National DTT network deployment in: Mexico (TV Azteca), Argentina (INVAP), Algeria (TDA-Télédiffusion D’Algérie), Kenya (KBC- Kenya Broadcasting Corporation).
  • 2016 Commercial launch of the 'smart LNB', product for bidirectional communications via Satellite.

Avda. de Ourense 1 - Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia. 32901 Ourense.

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