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About us

EGATEL is a highly specialized and skilled company in research, development and manufacture of RF systems designed to broadcast analog or digital radio and TV signals to meet professional broadcast market needs globally, as well as execution of turnkey projects for TV broadcast networks and related equipment.

The company’s main activities involve the supply of transmitters, re-transmitters and gap fillers as well as engineering jobs combined with turnkey project execution and ancillary equipment supply, like antenna systems and passive RF equipment, when required.

The basis of the firm's competitive strategy is to invest most of the revenues in R&D resources to offer high-tech equipment to the professional broadcast market.

Egatel is integrated in the area of Services and Technology of COMSA Corporación, the second largest industrial group in Spain not listed in the Stock Exchange within the sector of infrastructures and engineering.

Professional Broadcast Market-oriented

EGATEL’s direct commercial activities are mainly addressed to telecom operators in charge of national or regional TV signal’s transport and broadcasting networks and, to a lesser extent, to regional public administrations and governments. Local TV channels and regional private TV networks are usually served through distributors. Since its founding in 1992, the company has maintained an upward trend, reaching a position of leadership in the Spanish market and extending their professional experience and know-how to the international markets, providing advanced technology solutions for the creation and deployment of analog and digital broadcast networks globally.

Highly-qualified staff

The staff of Egatel has extensive experience in all fields of engineering, adding value to each design and manufacturing stage, delivering top-class products as well as advanced services and technology solutions. Our customers benefit from the know-how and experience of our engineers in each project, meeting their particular requirements usually developing customized products, while fulfilling the most demanding standards and regulations in international markets.

Corporate commitment

EGATEL’s commitment is to always design and manufacture state of the art products, taking advantage of the latest technology, with particular emphasis on signal processing, reliability, redundancy in critical components (power, cooling, etc...) and friendly user interface to make the work of staff in charge of the operation and maintenance of equipment easier.

Moreover, the company takes care over the quality control and after-sales support, being aware of how important they are for the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers.

Worldwide activity

With the aim of being a global company, EGATEL has developed equipment for the main international digital standards, working a long time for several broadcasters throughout the world. As a result of this, the Company achieved a world-unique Digital TV experience and it is able to supply field-proven equipment and to accomplish turnkey projects related to analogue and / or digital broadcast equipment worldwide.

Check some reference projects carried out by Egatel throughout the world.


Commitment to sustainability

One of the greatest problems of developed societies is that the maintaining of its growth is strongly linked to unbridled consumption of resources needed to produce energy, which obviously causes a sustainability problem to the medium and long term.

EGATEL's commitment to sustainable business development begins in the R & D, laying down design policies aimed to achieve energy-efficient equipment, obtaining a higher performance on each new transmitter family.

The development of energy efficient equipment can reduce operating costs by demanding less energy consumption and reduced heat generation inside the equipment, thereby reducing cooling needs.

Another important issue for companies committed to sustainability is the management of dangerous waste generated during the ordinary activities of the company.

The management of dangerous waste is defined by different procedures and regulations approved by national and autonomic governments. The collection of this waste is carried out by Authorized Processing Companies of Dangerous Waste.

EGATEL is also associated to the ECOTIC Foundation. The main aim of the ECOTIC Foundation is the environmental conservation and the sustainable development. For this reason, their main activity is the waste management of electrical and electronic devices produced or put on the market by their associate members.

Within this initiative, without spirit of profit, manufacturers, distributors and persons in charge of the putting on the market of the above mentioned devices and equipments can take part, across their adhesion to the same ones, paying special attention to the fulfilment of the current residues regulation in every moment, as well as the subscription of the public and private agreements necessary for the attainment of their purposes.


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