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EGATEL has played a leading role in the first broadcasting of DVB-T2 carried out in Spain

July 26th, 2010

The first field trials of DVB-T2 in Spain, the evolution of the current digital terrestrial television standard, took place from Tuesday June 8 until the end of July inthe city of Vitoria. The DVB-T2 test was the first one performed in our country and one of the world's first.

EGATEL provided the digital TV signal, covering the city of Vitoria by means of a 300W transmitter, equipped with the latest technology and high energy efficiency, as a result of its commitment to environmental sustainability. During the field trials, the EGATEL transmitter broadcasted an HDTV signal aimed at both fixed and mobile reception. A mobile unit equipped with a reception system was moving around the city recording all measurements.

The DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial 2) is the new standard for digital terrestrial television broadcasting established by the European DVB organization. The DVB-T2 standard presents new modulation and coding techniques that allow more efficient use of spectrum for terrestrial delivery of audio, video and data devices to fixed, portable and mobile receivers.

Due to the increase in capacity compared to DVB-T standard, theoretically 50% more, operators can provide more services for standard definition or high definition services taking advantage of the higher transmission bit-rate offered by the DVB-T2 technology. For example, assuming a capacity of 40Mbit/s, feasible ina DVB-T2 multiplex, the could provide between 4 and 6 high definition services, or between 15 and 20 standard-definition services. In either case, it will lower the tranmission cost of each service.

Although the standard has not been specifically designed to provide television services to mobile telephony, it may be possible in some cases. In this sense, during the test, the EGATEL transmitter broadcasted some TV signals using some of the newest and more robust modulation parameters offered by DVB-T2 technology aimed to mobile reception.

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