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Egatel takes stock after the Analogue Switch-Off in Spain

July 5th, 2011

The Company strengthens its leadership position after consolidating as the leading supplier of DTT broadcast equipment in Spain

Since the beginning of the DTT network deployment in Spain in 1999, Egatel has maintained a leadership position in the Broadcast sector.

By offering a wide range of innovative equipment and constantly evolving, Egatel has become the main provider of DTT Transmitters and Transposers in Spain. In recent years, aiming at the Analogue TV Switch-Off, which took place on April 3 of 2010, Egatel has consolidated its privileged position, supplying Broadcast Operators with new Digital Transmitters of low and medium power intended fot extending coverage and contributing to the success of this unique process of technological change.

The main deliveries for the domestic market carried out by Egatel between 2008 and 2010 are detailed below:

DTT Coverage Extension targeting the analog-Switch-Off (2008 - April 03 of 2010)

Over 3.500 DVB-T Micro-transmitters and Micro-transposers of 1W and 5W, intended to the expansion of the nationwide and regional multiplex throughout the country. Approximately, 75% of the total ammount was supplied to Abertis Telecom as a turnkey project, thereby including rack integration, supply of RF filters, combiners, antenna systems and satellite and terrestrial receivers, as well as installation and commissioning. 12% of the equipment was supplied to Retegal, approx. 5% to Axion (TDF Group) in Andalusia and 8% to other customers.

800 DVB-T transmitters of 20, 100 and 200W, in order to spread coverage of national and regional multiplex, and to deploy local multiplex throughout the country. Most were supplied to the main broadcaster in Spain, Abertis Telecom.

Since then, Egatel increases its prominence in Spain providing medium and high power DTT transmitters to Abertis Telecom for the deployment of 3 new multiplex, as follows:

20 DVB-T Transmitters of 1KW, 20 of 500W, 30 of 100W and 100 of 20W.

1.500 DVB-T Micro-transmitters and Micro-transposers of 1 and 5W.

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