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EGATEL broadcast the 3D HDTV terrestrial signal of the 3D5 event

June 10th, 2011

Key technological partner of Aragon TV for the first 3D broadcasting of a live concert

3D5 is the name of the event that has implemented, for the first time in international media coverage, the broadcast of a live concert in 5.1 real audio and with a revolutionary 3D stereoscopic equipment.

Egatel has provided the transmitter to broadcast the TV signal in 3D and HD format, based on DVB-T2 standard. DVB-T2 stands for “Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial 2”, which is the second generation of Digital Terrestrial Television.

Egatel is a leading company in the design and manufacture of broadcast equipment. In the current circumstances of economic recession and high degree of market saturation, Egatel increase their competitiveness and presence in the international market through innovation and development of tailored products as required by each customer.

The company stands at the forefront of broadcast technology, designing equipment with the most advanced techniques in signal processing and RF.

As a result of the company's commitment to development of sustainable equipment, Egatel transmitters provide a high efficiency, that means a significant reduction in energy consumption.

This innovative experience has been watched through various regional, national, European and Latin American TV channels as well as across several Web portals. The concert could also be watched in several European movie theatres by means of the signal provided by Hispasat satellite in a "side by side" format ready for 3D, regardless of the viewing requirements of each cinema. The audio was broadcast in AC3 stereo format.

The event took place on June 10 at the Zaragoza Trade Fair and featured the spanish group “Violadores del Verso” as the main performance.

Avda. de Ourense 1 - Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia. 32901 Ourense.

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