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Egatel and its solid bet in the American market

August 5th, 2011

Egatel has strengthened its presence in Latin America during the last six months doing several trials and providing digital gap fillers in Chile, Mexico and Peru. With power range from 1W to 100W and solutions which Egatel pioneered globally by using its high performance echo canceller, and now adapted to the operation with the ISDB and ATSC standards.

As explained by José M. Marino, director of Egatel’s commercial department, "the company's intention is to strengthen local presence in the region both in service and after sales. Having a local infrastructure to support local customers and being able to provide a closer answer is one of the pillars of our international expansion" he said.

Cristian Russo business development manager for the Southern Cone commented on the tests in Chile, "Megavisión were provided with the loan of a gap filler with an echo canceller for full 100Wrms. The tests were conducted in the area of the Deheza that had topographical issues, lacked coverage in the main transmitter Co. San Cristobal. 100W were obtained at the output with a very good performance in isofrequency. The overall result of the test was conclusive and that 9 out of 10 gave coverage points "indoor" very satisfactory and the only remaining "outdoor" coverage was obstructed by a hill. After the successful test result the client decided to buy the full station".

Javier Taibo, international sales manager collected the comments made by Television Azteca in Mexico: "We are very pleased with the results obtained with the Egatel’s gap fillers in ATSC. After several months of operation, signal quality and reliability of the equipment fully comply with our requirements. Since installation, we have not detected any problems nor have received any complaints. " It also was installed an ATSC transmitter " We were very satisfied as it has extensively met the tests and values determined in our laboratory".

It has also been conducted tests in Peru continue to expand coverage with an echo canceller GF 100 W of power with the main television broadcasters, emerged as one of the most efficient ways to reach new users, thanks to its ability to bring television selectively to those places where there is more user equipments that are outside the coverage of the main transmitter.

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