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Egatel presents successfully four Innovation Projects in Spain

September 5th, 2013

It will work in collaboration with other Galician companies to develop innovative technologies with application in different sectors.

The Industrial Technological Centre (CDTI), reviewing body, has valued positively the technical quality of the proposals and has identified either the business opportunities for the Galician ICT companies or the social profits that can bring the achievement of the projects goals.

Therefore, the awarding of the total of the proposals presented to this R&D Call backs Egatel up in its determination of matching the technological excellence in all the projects that the company undertakes.

The results of these projects will strengthen its international expansion, following a competitive model based on technological innovation and flexibility, providing high technology products tailored to the particular needs of each customer.

In the framework of these projects, Egatel will develop new products and advanced technology solutions with application in different fields, optimizing the exploitation of the existent services and creating new ones. The projects will last two years and will involve a total investment of nine million of euros, partly funded by European Technological Funds.

EGATEL will work on the following projects:

This project achieved the highest score of the 119 proposals presented. It has a very ambitious scope and has gathered companies from three different sectors - ICT, Health and Automotive - around a common goal.

The project aims at obtaining an integral platform (HW/SW) for the efficient management of health emergencies. Namely, the objective is to come with new value added applications integrated in basic and advanced life support vehicles, in order to exchange real-time information with the coordination centres (061-112) and destination health centres. Thus, it is expected professional Emergency Medical Services to increase their performance and so the quality of assistance. The project envisages in its last stage, a field tests campaign to validate the operation of the platform and quantifying the actual benefits under emergency situations.

Egatel is the partner responsible for the design of a satellite communications terminal integrated in emergency vehicles. For such purpose, during the first stage, the company will research on algorithms that allow sending electromedical signals (video / voice / data) via a two-way satellite link. Then, Egatel will develop the SW and HW modules of the onboard unit that will enable the communication among all the players involved in an emergency process.

The purpose of SIMOVI's project is the creation of a technological platform for monitoring vineyards with the aim of improving the wine process management, optimizing crop quality control and its impact on the subsequent winemaking process.

The proposed solution is based on using video cameras equipped with a multispectral vision system with integrated processing. The cameras will point directly to the grapes and will be able to perform several measurements related to the health of vineyards (chlorophyll, pest outbreaks), the grapes characteristics (sugars, tannins, carotenoids ), as well as others with oenological interest (alcohol content, aromaticity).

Egatel will focus on the definition of the network architecture and the design of the intra-vineyard communications system. In this regard, it will work on a very novel technology known as "cognitive radio". It will enable the transmitters, before sending the data, to scan the radio spectrum in order to identify those frequencies that are not being used to use them for the transmission. This technology will have many applications in other sectors, such as the TV or Wireless Internet Industry, since the UHF frequency band is highly saturated worldwide, situation that is even increased in Europe due to the Digital Dividend process.

The main objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive system for the detection and fire-extinguishing by using unmanned aircrafts (RPAs - Remotely Piloted Aircrafts). The aircrafts are controlled by an advanced communication system that automatically performs the whole process. In particular, the XMIST consortium proposes the development of an RPAs fleet oriented to the early detection and extinguishing of fires, a problem that, only in Spain, represents an annual cost estimated in more than 1,000 million euros and, what is most important, in many cases the loss of human lives.

After the completion of this project, the Galician Region will achieve a leadership position in the industry of unmanned aerial vehicles, as for the time being, there are a few companies with the know-how and expertise to manufacture these vehicles.

Egatel plays a major role in the project, as it is the company responsible for the communications of the air-ground segment. The communications modules will be developed following a design policy focused on reliability and availability, both necessary conditions for controlling this type of vehicles.

This project aims at improving all the processes that take place in a surgery room, facilitating the physicians work while speeding up all their tasks. It will be possible by developing an expert system able to integrate all the data flow coming from multiple electronic devices installed in surgery rooms. Then, by using a set of Big-Data techniques, the system will process both the stored information and the arriving real-time data, thereby infering valuable knowledge that will support health professionals when it comes to make tough and fast decisions.

Egatel will design and develop a device capable of concentrating all the signals generated by the equipment installed in a surgery room. It will then process such signals in order to minimize the system's latency and, finally, it will save them in the high capacity database of the Expert System. It will be feasible to collect, combine and process the signals from three categories of devices:

- Patient Monitoring equipment: they provide information of vital constants, such as respiratory, hemodynamic, oxygen levels in the brain or cardiac information.
- Imaging Equipment: they generate image and video signals: laparoscopy, endoscopy, electronic microscopy...
- Environmental Control Equipment: integrated devices in the operating room structure that measure and record parameters such as temperature, humidity, etc..

The equipment will be designed and manufactured according to international regulations on technical and quality specifications for surgery rooms.

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