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Egatel strengthens its presence in Mexico after being awarded the supply of 74 low and medium power transmitters for Azteca TV

November 19th, 2014

The company will also supply 3 medium power transmitters and one gap filler to Pacífico Group through its distributor Grupo Diez

Egatel's bet on the Mexican market comes from far away as it was one of the first countries to which the company exported its technology back in 2002, supplying at that time analog TV transmitters, after having included VHF III Band amplifiers in its product portfolio.

Nowadays, and after strengthening its commitment to maintain its own staff in the country for a better support and proximity with the customers, the company has been consolidated as a reference supplier of DTT transmitters in the challenging digitalization process that will lead to the Analog Switch-Off by the end of 2015.

Thus, Egatel has been awarded a total of 74 transmitters and 2 digital gap fillers in ATSC standard, from 100W to 1.4KW, by Azteca TV, Salinas Group. This supply includes Wideband High Efficiency transmitters, in cases with power equal to or higher than 1KW, and will be allocated to a total of 45 sites in different states all over the country.

Moreover, through our local distributor Grupo Diez, a 8KW Wideband High Efficiency transmitter has also been put recently into operation in Silao - Cerro del Cubilete (State of Guanajuato) and a 2.8KW, 1KW and 225 W transmitters and a 100W gapfiller will be supplied for Grupo Pacífico (in the State of Sinaloa).

After these supplies, the company expands its references in the country with a long list of public and private Mexican broadcasters that have an Egatel transmitter for their emissions.

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