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EGATEL has been awarded a contract to extend the DTT coverage in Algeria for €2 M

January 13th, 2015

The project allocated by TDA (Algerian public TV) comprises the supply of 42 Digital Television stations, transmitters and antenna systems.

The purchased equipment by TDA, 42 Digital TV Transmitters, will allow for extending the DTT coverage throughout the wide Algerian geography.

The 95% of the whole agreement corresponds to the supply of broadcast equipment, but the project also includes technical training, installation of 3 of the 42 sites as well as commissioning of the broadcasting stations. The period of implementation is 22 weeks.

The total amount of the award is 2M€ approximately, and it is certainly, in both amount and scope, an important and strategic project that reinforces Egatel’s presence in the country. The first contract is one year ago, when it was supplied a Digital Transmitter installed in Djefla, in the vicinity of the Desert.

The contract has been signed between TDA and Egatel, and it has relied on the collaboration of the PMS Group which is providing technical support and the necessary assistance the customer in Algeria.

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