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Jorge Spinella Monte Carlo TV: New transmitter for DVB-T tests

February 17th, 2010

(Ezekiel Iacobone). Uruguay's Monte Carlo TV bought, and already has in continuous operation, a transmitter of Egatel Spanish brand for DVB-T tests.

With this equipment, which delivers 580W of output power, Monte Carlo TV has generated two simultaneous services, and is conducting tests on UHF channel 26, under authorization by the Regulatory Unit of the Communications Services (Ursec).

"In the next weeks we will try to expedite this process, although we are worried about the standard" stated to PRODU Jorge Spinella, technical manager of Montecarlo TV.

Regarding this issue, Jorge Spinella said that the DVB-T standard selected in Uruguay may be reviewed because it has involved, so far, any kind of investment. "There is no reason not to review this question. The decision is not irreversible, "he said.

Spinella said that his country is located in an area of frequency coordination with Brazil and Argentina. "Uruguay see many emissions from Argentine and Brazilian side, and vice versa, and I think people who live in border areas will have a problem. Moreover, I don’t know if there have been experiments to evaluate interference in neighboring countries, as I know, there’s no conclusions" he said.

"It's a matter of common sense. We have struggled for decades trying all countries in the region have the same standards and be covered under the same rules. In the case of digital TV, it seems that the way is the ISDB-T standard.

Source: Produ

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