A step ahead in High Efficiency TV Transmitters

The proven reliability and efficiency of WHET (Wideband High Efficiency Transmitters) technology applied to Egatel transmitters is moving a step ahead to continue to be the best option in broadcast market and to provide the maximum costs savings to operators.

The latest Series of Wideband High Efficiency Transmitters and Transposers have been built to offer excellent flexibility and reliability allowing to be adapted to any network topology.

With the Wideband Doherty Technology and its readily accomplished upgrade, Egatel Transmitters and Transposers allow network operators to change the RF channel or emission standard immediately without any modification or tuning adjustment, thus dramatically lowering the costs that nowadays are being faced in terrestrial broadcasting (band swap, upgrade to new standards, etc.).

Latest developments from the WHET Series

The new Wideband High Efficiency TLWH7900, TUWH3000 and TUWH/RUWH1000 series take advantage of years of Egatel field proved experience in Doherty technology, extending the High Energy Efficiency to transmitters and gap-fillers over the whole RF power range and for all digital standards, and allowing multiple configurations.

New TLWH7900 Series
High Power TV transmitters
Superior power density per rack.
The best option to cover large areas.

TLWH7900 Series, Liquid Cooled TV Transmitters

The TLWH7900 Series represents the evolution of the firsts WHET Series and carries forward all its well-known strengths. Liquid cooled transmitters launch a new 2RU amplifier fitted with a superior power density that rises the output power per Rack up to 13.8 kWrms for OFDM standards and 17 kWrms for ATSC.

The new AUWH1200 amplifier, engineered with integrated redundant power supplies, achieves top-in-market efficiency values and covers the whole UHF band without modifications of any kind, making it the best option for high power sites aimed to cover large areas.

TUWH3000 and TUWH4000 Series, Air Cooled TV Tranmsitters

With the introduction of AUWH201 and AUWH301 amplifiers, air cooled transmitters series (TUWH3000 and TUWH4000) provide maximum flexibility in Wideband High Efficiency configurations.

All amplifiers belonging to this series have been designed bearing in mind criteria of improving energy efficiency for minimal operation costs. Including power supplies and fans that are redundant and hot swappable, they make this series well fitted to suit new or existing infrastructures.

TUWH1000 and RUWH1000 Series, Compact TV Transmitters and Transposers

The exceptionally compact size (1RU) and output power up to 125 Wrms of the new Egatel transmitters and gap-fillers Series, paves the way to High Efficiency applied to last mile network topology.

Despite the low power, the energy efficiency has considerable influence in low power networks due to the high amount of sites employed. With efficiency rates of up to 35 % in only one rack height unit (1RU), TUWH1000 and RUWH1000 Series provide an unbeatable saving in broadcast market.

These series are capable to cover the most common digital TV standards in the world, such as DVB-T/T2, ATSC (3.0 ready) or ISDB-Tb; with state-of-the-art digital adaptive precorrection system and a powerful multistandard Echo Canceller for SFN gap-fillers, customers benefit from a highly compact and powerful design.

WHET Series Digital TV Transmitters

By applying Wideband Doherty Technology to TV Transmitters and gap-fillers and to all the digital TV standards, the featured new products extent the Egatel High Energy Efficiency over the whole RF power ranges used to cover both large areas and the last miles of TV networks.

High Power TV Transmitters

Liquid/Air cooled

High Power Transmitters are the best solution to deploy or extend a digital broadcast network with HDTV, DTV and Mobile TV channels at the global level. They offer an outstanding efficiency up to 42%, enabling a high economic benefit to broadcasters.

Medium Power TV Transmitters

Liquid/Air cooled

Egatel Medium Power offers full flexibility with multiple configurations per rack, saving a lot of space in the transmitter site. The options for redundancy and the optimal design of critical modules guarantee continuity of service throughout the life of the transmitter.

Low Power TV Transmitters

Air cooled

Transmitters and Transposers designed for low power sites that will be used in the later stages of TV network coverage features a top-class Digital Adaptive Precorrection system to automatically cancel the amplifier distortion and a powerful WEB GUI to provide an easy and friendly way for local and remote control..

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