Our Services


Services we provide:



Egatel dedicates more than 40% of its personal to R&D activities to improve radiofrequency communications products and to develop new products and services aimed at opening new market niches in the SatCOM market.


Collaboration in different innovation projects with other companies, universities and R&D centers, framed in the area of maritime communications, unmanned aircrafts and connected vehicles.


Manufacturing of TV transmitters, transposers and gap fillers for the main Digital Terrestrial TV standards: DVB-T/-H DVB-T2, ISDB-T/Tb and ATSC for all the RF power range (low, medium and high power).

Installation and commissioning

Equipment Installation and commissioning at the site. Egatel Technical staff perform installation, adjustments and testing the equipment prior to activation, ensuring that the transmitter is operating normally in compliance with its specifications.

Turnkey projects

Suitable solutions to meet time and budget targets, taking charge of all responsibilities, from planning to final implementation, going through system design, choosing of equipment, integration, technical management.

Maintenance and repairs

Egatel performs services ranging from simple troubleshooting and component replacement to complete overhauls and refurbishments of all types of equipment.