Micro MRD8000 Series

MRD8000 Series

Low power UHF TV Microtransposers

Extremely compact design in a single module, DVB-T/H/T2, ISDB-T/TB, ATSC

The MRD8000 series has been designed to provide a best-of class performance and a cost-effective solution for low power broadcast stations where also the lack of space is a key fact. Each channel is composed of one single module and up to seven channels can be delivered in a standard 19” – 6U height to ease their installation in confined spaces. Moreover, the outstanding low power consumption of MRD8000 devices allows broadcasters to significantly reduce the OPEX.

The modules are ready to work with the major TV standards so the broadcasters can now take advantage of its all advanced features, such us the integrated and optimum Digital Adaptive Precorrection system that ensures the best signal quality.

All the units can be easily controlled through a powerful WEB GUI in a local or remote way. Although each module provides remote operation capabilities, the CCU7000 Control Unit can optionally monitor the overall performance as well as perform quality measurements of all transmitted channels while allowing remote control via GSM, 3G modem, SNMP and WEB GUI.

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