From the initial idea to the final product

We offer our customers more than 30 years of experience on the design and production of cutting-edge electronic products for critical and highly demanding applications

Experts in the development and manufacturing of high-tech products for the professional and consumer markets





From an initial idea or customer specifications, our team brings your product to life: from an electronic card, to an embedded system or a connected object (IoT).

We deliver a comprehensive solution adapted to your particular needs, providing guidance on the best strategy to adopt, enabling the maximum efficiency throughout the process.

EMS services

  • HW Architecture definition based on a functional analysis of the customer requirements
  • Hardware Development: data acquisition, communications, advanced signal processing, signal and sensor conditioning
  • Electronic schematics and multilayer PCB design
  • SW Architecture definition based on a functional analysis of the of the customer requirements
  • Embedded systems development, software monitoring, network communications applications, databases, user interface, drivers...
  • SW programming using high and low level languages (C++, JAVA, VHDL...)

Assistance from the initial design stage with a key objective: the optimization of the final product performance and the settlement of industrial and commercial synergies

Our solutions enable to increase reliability, speed up the time to market and reduce costs in the long run. We bring all our experience in EMS to deliver successful products

  • Writing of industrial documentation
  • Code development with the technical office and definition of budgets for mass production
  • Product traceability software
  • Design of the tools that may be needed for the assembly of the equipment
  • Design and Assembly of Test Bench that guarantees the functionality of what is being manufactured
  • Design the necessary tools for its installation and maintenance
  • Undertake the production of Pre-series
  • Test plan design and execution as a final step to guarantee the performance of the product at the end of the production line
  • Delivery of project documentation
  • We upgrade your product to include new features
  • We redesign your equipment to replace obsolete components
  • Reliability increase
  • Cost reduction
Leveraging our experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide:
  • Support at all stages of manufacturing, from prototype to a large series production
  • Multi-site electronic manufacturing
  • Experts in High Mix-Low Volume production:
    • Electronic boards, cabling and electronic subassemblies
    • Integrations with the development of associated test tools proposing an effective, safe and personalized solution adapted to your cost, quality and deadline objectives
  • Highest level of quality and reliability assured
  • Installation and maintenance tools design
  • Undertake the production of Pre-series
  • Validation and monitoring of the production flow
  • Delivery of project tools and documentation
  • Wiring of all types of racks
  • Assembly of electrical or electronic wiring
  • Manufacturing of special cables
  • Engineering and automation racks, HMI
  • Engineering and control and power racks

Success stories

  • ARL series

    Smart Buildings. Automatic lock, and remotely controllable.

  • STA

    Smart Buildings. Communications and access control Sniffer.

  • ECA-KT

    Smart Buildings. Automatic lock, and remotely controllable.

  • Social-Health Sector

    Interactive TV and/or Telmedicine

  • Industrial Sector

    Cabinet design with RFID control, electronic lock, and control software.

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