The latest Egatel advances in transmission efficiency with WHET Series – Wideband High Efficiency Transmitters- have given way to new generation of UHF solutions.

The Egatel UHF transmitters feature outstanding energy efficiency, compact design and flexible configurations for any network topology. To meet modern TV transmission requirements, Egatel TV transmitters support existing digital standards, like DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-T2, ATSC or ISDB-TB.

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High power

Output power from 1 to 14 kWrms

High Power Transmitters are the best solution to deploy or extend digital TV Networks in large coverage areas with the best features and guarantees. They offer an outstanding efficiency up to 42%, enabling a high economic benefit to broadcasters.
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Medium power

Output power from 200 to 2 kWrms

Medium power Transmitters offers full flexibility with multiple configurations per rack, saving a lot of space in the transmitter site. The options for redundancy and the optimal design of critical modules guarantee continuity of service throughout the life of the transmitter.
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Low power

Output power from 1 to 225 Wrms

Low power UHF transmitters have been especially developed for filling in coverage gaps in challenging and space saving situations. Equipment with low output power will be used in the latter stages of TV network coverage.
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