Next generation of satellite communication antennas and user terminals to meet the needs of IoT and Broadband applications

  • The “IoT First” Terminal is a cutting-edge satellite terminal equipped with a novel transceiver. The transmitter is based on an open standard and takes advantage of a narrowband return link, optimized for short transmissions with low duty cycle. Thanks to its optimized form-factor, it can be installed with any common off-the-shelf satellite dish. It has been thought as a cost-effective solution to provide millions of users with Interactive Broadcasting and M2M services. It is also fully compatible with current in-home satellite equipment that can be easily upgradeable to start accessing all the applications that the “IoT First” Terminal brings by hand. It is really simple to use and install, the users begin to enjoy the broad catalogue of applications out of the box in just a few steps. Eutelsat, one of the leading satellite operators and a key provider of Broadcast and Broadband services, has conceived the “IoT First” Terminal to enable the next generation of bidirectional connected TV platform services and M2M applications. In partnership with Eutelsat, Egatel has produced the “IoT First” Terminal and it is yet available to serve the Market.