Egatel is focused on the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge equipment for TV broadcasting.

The Product range, profesional broadcast market-oriented, includes transmitters and transposers for the main Digital Terrestrial TV standards and supports all the RF power range.

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UHF Transmitters

Egatel UHF Transmitters incorporates Wideband High Efficiency Technology providing operators cost reductions over the life of the transmitter. Its readily accomplished upgrade allow network operators to change the RF channel or emission standard immediately without any modification or tuning adjustment lengthening the lifetime of transmitters.
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VHF transmitters

Egatel VHF transmitters provide a power-size and performance-reliability relations which allow the digital TV signal broadcasting with the highest quality. They can operate in MFN and SFN digital networks and incorporate the most innovative technologies, offering an unbeatable cost (CAPEX / OPEX) – performance ratio.
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Egatel TV Transposers have been especially developed for filling in coverage gaps in challenging and for latter stages of Digital TV network coverage.
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GNSS Referenced frequency master and time standard (GPS, Glonass, Galileo or Beidou)
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