Micro MRR5000 Series

MRD5000 Series

Low power UHF TV Remodulator

Extremely compact design in a single module, DVB-T/-H

MRR5000 remodulator series extends the TV coverage in a simple and economical way in MFN networks. The remodulators are able to rebroadcast the transport stream with a bit error rate almost null taking advantage of the DVB signal error correction, so the quality of the transmitted signal is similar to the original one.

The remodulators receive the RF signal from a main transmitter and proceed to demodulate it, in order to process the baseband signal, and finally to modulate it again before up-convert the IF signal to the corresponding output UHF channel. This will prevent the progressive loss of quality experienced by the original signal due to its passing through several jumps in a transposers network.

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