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MTD7000 series

Low power Digital UHF Transmitters - DVB-T/-H/T2

N+1 Configuration - Fundamentals

The microtransmitters of MTD7000 series can be configured in N+1 systems, allowing the reserve module to replace, in a fully automatic way, any of the main ones in case of failure. It contains an ASI switching unit that provides the input signal of the faulty channel to the reserve module, and incorporates an automatic switching unit that supplies the output of the faulty module with the power provided by the N+1 unit.

In N+1 systems, all channels are continuously monitored by the CCU7000 Control Unit, which is just one unit wide. The Control Unit manages the operation of all the microtransmitters and provides Broadcasters with a powerful monitoring tool, as it offers quality measurements of each channel, in terms of potente sistema de supervisión, ya que ofrece medidas de calidad de cada uno de los módulos, en términos de BER, PER and MER. It includes several LEDs for signalling to get the status of the microtransmitters chain at a glance. It is also possible to carry out a quick diagnosis of the operation and to modify the configuration parameters of each module by means of the display of the programming device.

The Control Unit allows the remote communication with the equipment through dry contacts, GSM/3G or through IP protocol. One or more authorized users may monitor and manage the modules remotely with a web browser or a SNMP agent. In this way, a detailed and accurate method for management is provided, in order to evaluate the status of each microtransmitter site without any person to attend them, and to prepare previously any task needed before going to the transmission site, if needed.

Control Unit CCU7000

RF Inputs: 2X. Nivel: -30..0dBm
QoS measurement: BER, PER, MER
Remote operation: Dry contacts GSM / 3G / SNMP / Web GUI
Power supply: 24VDC-3W
Aux. battery: Batería de Lítio de alta eficiencia
Dimensions: 262x230x45 mm. (HxDxW)
Weight: 0.75Kg approx.


ASI Switching Unit (ASU20-A)

Inputs: 9 max. x ASI1
9 max. x ASI2
Optional loop through setup
Connectors: 2x9 max. BNC (F) 75 ohm
Outputs: 2 (N +1) BNC (F) 75 ohm
Signaling LEDs: Auto/Manual - ASI OK, ASI FAIL, ASI switched
Power supply: 90-264VAC
Dimensions: 19'-1U-270mm. (D)
Weight: 3Kg approx.


RF output switching unit (ASU20-RFO)

Inputs: 9 +1 max. N (F) 50 ohm
Outputs: 9 max. N (F) 50 ohm
LEDs signaling: RF swichting
Insertion losses: < 0.3dB
Power supply: 90-264VAC
Dimensions: 19'-1U-270 mm. (D)
Weight: 3.2Kg approx.


Power Supply (PS2420/2440):

P.S. units: 1 (2 optional)
Input/output voltage: 90-264VAC/24VDC
Max. power: 500W/1000W


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