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TUWH1000 series

Low power Digital UHF Transmitters - DVB-T/H/T2, ATSC, ISDB-Tb

Digital TV

Output power (before filter):
5 Wrms (**)25 Wrms (**)110 Wrms
Output power (before filter): ATSC5 Wrms (**)25 Wrms (**)125 Wrms
RF output connectorN (F) 50 ohmN (F) 50 ohmN (F) 50 ohm

(*) The models are referenced according to standard:
TUWH10x0 - DVB-T/H/T2, TUWH10x0B - ISDB-T/TB, TUWH10x0A - ATSC
Example: TUWH1101B - 110 Wrms ISDB-T/TB

(**) No Doherty

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