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Egatel in an innovative project: “Digital Home HealthCare"

June 05th, 2012

On Friday the 1st of June, the President of the Autonomous Community of Galicia, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, presented to the media the Digital Home HealthCare Project in which Egatel is working along with another seven companies.

The project aims to increase the quality of life of patients suffering from any chronic disease such as COPD or diabetes.The companies will develop a system to monitor patients in their homes, preventing them to move to the health center for that purpose. They will have in their homes a set of biometric sensors that will measure certain parameters, before sending automatically the collected information to the hospital for processing.

In the frame of this project, Egatel, a reference company in the ICT sector, will develop a technology platform that will allow patients to receive the responses from medical staff through the TV. Besides, they can access to additional services, such as the tracking of their treatment, watch healthy life recommenders, or accessing to specialized social networks.

Thus, the project will expand the portfolio of services offered by the public health system without increasing the cost of staff and, simultaneously, to foster the creation of skilled job positions.

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