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Egatel, a Galician technological company, develops a regenerative microtransposers to provide Galician small villages DTT coverage.

January 20th, 2010

Egatel, based in the Technological Park of Galicia, developed a regenerative microtransposer able to provide Galician small villages Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) coverage before the “analog switch off “occurs.

Egatel director of Research and Development, pointed out that this product is "unique in the market" because it has the novelty of being able to perform, in a single module, the demodulation of the received signal from the air and modulate it again, while recovering the original signal quality."

Thus, the MRR5000 DVB-T / H regenerative microtransposer series performs both functions: demodulation and modulation of the signal opposite to the limitations of a conventional transposer. Explained that this device is set as a "more compact solution" unlike the previous equipment models with a power between one and five watts.

Beside that, stressed that the technology used is "Galician hundred percent" since all investigations and systems carried out, took place in Ourense. In addition, the device has "a conventional installation" and its processing is done in an "easier way."

This device also allows full deployment of DTT in MFN (Multiple Frequency Network), where different frequencies are used to transmit audiovisual content. Thanks to this it is possible to correct errors in the broadcasted signal.

Currently, Egatel devotes 15% of its budget on innovation in broadcast equipment, such as transmitters and receivers. In particular, the company is specialized in developing systems to carry television signals, either analog or digital format.

Areas of coverage

This project was conducted in the last quarter of 2009 in collaboration with Galician Telecommunication Network (Retegal), a company of the Xunta de Galicia for the management of telecommunications infrastructure and institutional services, to "benefit the interior populated area of Galicia" said the director of Research and Development.

So, the coverage area comprises the east of Ourense and the southern of Mount Meda. Thus, the modules will be located in some 60 different emission centers, covering between 100 and 600 people per point.

Along these lines, said that it is very difficult to count the number of individuals who can be benefited, although stated that "more than 6,000 people will be part of this measure. Beyond the specific figure, highlighted as "most important" all the places of difficult access which this microtransposer will cover.

Source: Europa Press

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