Medium power VHF TV Transmitters

Digital TV/Radio broadcasting, DVB-T/-H/-T2, ISDB-T/-TB, ATSC, DAB/DAB+

The medium power transmitters of TVH4000 series is a compact air-cooled transmitter that provides over-the-air delivery in the VHF spectrum. Designed for digital broadcasting, the series is available in tranmsitter or regenerative transposer for DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, ISDB-T/TB y DAB/DAB+.

The TVH4000 has output power levels from 300W to 2.4 KW in a single rack for digital modulations and thanks to its advanced characteristics is an ideal solution for network operators who demand excellent cost-performance.

The customer oriented and extremely compact design provides full flexibility and multiple configurations per rack, saving a lot of space in the transmitter site. The power of the Web Server ensures fast commissioning and easy operation

Key features
  • Output power (rms) before filter for Digital TV up to 2.4 KWrms.
  • Proprietary techniques to improve energy efficiency and use of spectrum.
  • Multi-standard: DVB-T/T2, DVB-H, ATSC and ISDB-T/TB. Selection through the display or via web server
  • Input interfaces according to operation mode: ASI, TSoIP or RF.
  • Seamless switch between inputs.
  • Adaptive digital precorrection. Linear and Non-linear.
  • GNSS receiver (GPS & Glonass) on board, optional
  • “Output channel” and “Impulse channel response” show via web server.
  • Remote software upgrade of all boards.
  • N+1 redundance.
  • Operation as transmitter or regenerative transposer (Re-transmitter).
  • Remote operation via SNMP, Web Server or Dry Contacts.
Technical Data
Model TVH4301 TVH4601 TVH4602 TVH4603 TVH4604
Output power (before output filter) 300 Wrms 600 Wrms 1.2 kWrms 1.8 kWrms 2.4 kWrms
Number of amplifiers 1 1 2 3 4
Output RF connector 7/16″ EIA 1 5/8″